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English Fluent . -->, Splash (Numerical Simulation - Inst. STG – Ingénieur simulation numérique en mécanique H/F. Modelling laminar and turbulent flows. However, we highly encourage motivated students to participate to Erasmus exchange program with other universities during the second semester of first year of the master. a.setAttribute('class', 'mailto'); a.appendChild(div.childNodes[0]); Flows and transfer in porous media. - un stage de 4 à 6 mois est effectué au 2e semestre de M2 en entreprise ou en laboratoire. It is reserved for students with high skills in mathematics, numerics and solid and fluid media. Learning a programming language (Fortran 95) for scientific computation and a Linux operating system, solving numerical integration problems and simple linear algebra. CompMech provides a balanced and deep coverage of theoretical aspects and modern computational methods for the macroscopic modelling, analysis, and design of complex systems including fluids, solids, and soft matter. Deformation and stress modelling. } The master in Mechanics is structured around four programs: Simulation and instrumentation in mechanics (SIM), Mechanical engineering (GM), Environmental fluid mechanics (EFM) and Fluid mechanics and energetics (FME). They also have the opportunity of prepare a PhD to integrate research in university or other organisations. For this purpose, 30% of first-year training et 50% of second-year training are dedicated to carrying out concrete projects : identification, implementation, validation and reporting. The main sectors are mechanical industry, transport industry (aeronautics, automotive industry). Non-Newtonian flows. div.parentNode.insertBefore(a, div); a.setAttribute('href', 'mailto:' + M9628965163300461); div.parentNode.removeChild(div); Experimental measurements in fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Foundations of continuum mechanics for fluids and the associated transfer modes. Application period usually starts every year in April and finishes in June. Introduction to the finite element method. Inscription fees are the usual in French public university (less than 1000 euros/year). Simulation Master is a an Excel add-in that is a comprehensive risk management and risk analysis solution. ); - ability to give written and oral reports in French and English of the conducted studies. a.setAttribute('href', 'mailto:' + M8093710134883996); Physical description and numerical modelling of radiative heat transfer. French gouvernement offers several kinds of scholarship to students needing financial supports. Master Degree . Non-Newtonian, generalized Newtonian and viscoelastic flows. Presentation of concrete cases via seminars given by professionals from the business world, Linear and non-linear problems in small and large deformations. var M5768440588013718="angela.vincenti"; while (div.childNodes.length > 1) Simulation models consist of the following components: system entities, input variables, performance measures, and functional relationships. Convection in laminar and turbulent flows. Introduction to the finite difference method. Pour les étudiants étrangers : niveau de français B2 minimum équilibré en compréhension/expression/structures. Le parcours MS2 du Master 2 est ouvert de plein droit aux étudiants ayant validé le M1 correspondant. Le Master mention Mécanique dispense une formation générale commune en mécanique des milieux continus solides et fluides, transferts de chaleur et méthodes numériques ainsi que des cours spécifiques à chaque parcours. Computational Mechanics (CompMech) program covers fundamental and advanced topics on solid and structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, and their interactions. var a = document.createElement('a'); Finite element structural analysis: statics and dynamics, Numerical methods and simulation in fluid mechanics, Introduction to hydrodynamic instabilities, Plasticity, viscoelasticity, and thermodynamics of solids, Nonlinear finite element methods in solid mechanics. a.setAttribute('class', 'mailto'); Aller au contenu Aller au menu Aller à la recherche. Laws of behaviour of elastic solids with linear and anisotropic behaviour. Featured Courses. The understanding of the biomechanical behavior of the musculoskeletal system and the design of medical devices require diversified knowledge in various fields such as medical sciences (anatomy, cell and tissue biology, medical imaging…), mechanics of materials, finite element simulation, motion analysis of the human body. while (div.childNodes.length > 1) For information regarding the job manager included with Simulation Mechanical Flex (the cloud-based version), click here. Radiative transfer equation in semi-transparent media and simplified models. Foundations of numerical analysis, numerical methods for solving large linear systems and calculation of eigenvalues and eigenvectors. ME-450 Projet en énergie. Forced and natural convection, internal and external convection. Procédure spécifique pour les étudiants étrangers résidant dans un pays suivant la procédure Etudes en France. Standardised patients, virtual patients, and hybrid simulation. During the first year there will be possible to attend an English version of the tutorial classes for each of the fundamental courses and some optional courses or projects will be taught in English. CompMech is developed in a close collaboration with the Italian University La Sapienza (Rome, Italy) ( and the MOX department of Politecnico di Milano (Milano, Italy) ( and has the ambition to attract highly motivated students and to provide high-level training on continuum and computational mechanics in an international environment. They will be able to analyse scientific papers in the general area of continuous mechanics, to evaluate the relevance of the various approximations needed to solve a problem, to implement efficient numerical discretisation and solution techniques using modern open-source software for High Performance Computing, and to use them to solve complex problems in fluid and solid mechanics. Running an effective simulation-based education programme. ME-599 Projet de master en génie mécanique. The EFM and FME programs … div.parentNode.removeChild(div); • transport industry (aeronautics, automotive, aerospace, naval, rail industry). School Bus Simulation Master is a driving game. Imagine a tool where you can track, rank, and analyze risks in-depth. On the other hand they allow us to improve our content for you by saving and analyzing anonymized user data. Module 6. General licence in Mechanics, Physics or Mathematics with adequate base in solid and fluid mechanics. ), Healthcare Simulation and Patient Safety. { A simulation model enables you to try and test your design ideas with ease: fast, inexpensive and free of risk. var div = document.getElementById('M7687344522368815'); Numerical methods for solving partial differential equations arising from problems in fluid mechanics and transfer. Energy and variational theorems for numerical approximation methods. The degree from the Sorbonne Université: “Master Des Sciences Et Technologies, mention Sciences Pour L’ingénieur, Spécialité Computational Mechanics”. Human factors and patient safety in simulation. Poste proposé : Ingénieur Simulation Mécanique Dans un contexte d'accroissement de nos activités dans le domaine de l'énergie, nous recherchons un Ingénieur Simulation Mécanique. Capacity for understanding, analysis and modeling of physical phenomena in solid structural and fluid mechanics and associated transfers. High Performance Computing and Simulation; Recruitment in its training programs is open to all international and national candidates, CS engineering students and international students arriving in the framework of exchange programs or double degree programs. Modeling and numerical simulation of mechanical behaviour of materials and structures, Numerical analysis and scientific calculus. 21 av gros chêne 95610 eragny, Ile De France, FRANCE. Those have two functions: On the one hand they are providing basic functionality for this website. For any information, or if you are potentially interested in this program, send us a mail at one of the following adresses: corrado.maurini @ (corrado.maurini @, angela.vincenti @ (angela.vincenti @, sergio.chibbaro @ (sergio.chibbaro @


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