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I had a quick rant about this in a couple of my videos: CIs change. One a couple of occasions, I have had controllers in Europe ask us to confirm our aircraft type because of the speed and even one asking if there was a problem! some ways they apply even more.  I'm assuming this will be in someone's ETOPS tutorial, eventually. At list price today, the 777-200ER would cost $261.5 million and would be the lowest priced model of the 777 family. The lowest entry being "0" would burn the least amount of fuel by flying at a slower speed. If you have good tailwinds, they will reduce the cost index so that you use less fuel but still arrive on sched. 777: 314 knots (VMO/MMO minus 16 knots) or a pilot-entered speed greater than 319 knots (VMO/MMO minus 11 knots). -If they're expecting delays at the destination, they may dial the CI back to just get there at the end of the rush. Hi to all B777 Operators. The formula may look simple enough but … This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Founder of AVSIM Online. Cost Index. The plane lists for $425.8 million. Donate to our annual general fundraising goal. list of cost indexes of airlines. Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . Could it be US and European cost indicies use different units? Recommended Posts. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Anyone know for sure? 737-900 747-400 757 767 777 cost index range 0-200 0-500 0-9999 0-999 or 0-9999 0-999 or 0-9999 0-9999 COMPARing RESuLTS fOR COST inDEx VALuES Of zERO AnD MAxiMuM Figure 2 Climb Cruise DesCent cost index 0 minimum Fuel* maximum range max l/D cost index … Join Date: Jun 2003. PMDG 777 ; Cost Index Archived. ...and if you promised someone that they would get the package based on that schedule... See where I'm going? The 767 cost index used to be 70 for all flights. By Boeing or not going, September 6, 2013 in PMDG 777. Here's an interesting article of the factors that go into them:, Tom Allensworth, Here are some basic numbers that have been out there for a while (and are rather old, probably outdated): Entering zero for the cost index results in maximum range airspeed and minimum trip fuel. Domestic A320 : CLB/CRZ : 0/17, Short/medium haul flight : 35, Longhaul : 45, Delayed shorthaul : 250, Delayed longhaul : 135 The most "realistic" way is to use a random number generator and let it pick a number for you in the range of, say, 10-90. There is a good reason for flyin CI 0 and a different one for flying CI 100. (CI is revised on monthly basis). The source is safe and professional British Airways BA/BAW: A318 = CI 30. To be used most effectively, CI should be based on a comprehensive evaluation of an operator's specific operating costs. Click here for more information and to see all donations year to date. I personally can't understand why. For a given flightplan and route time it'll give it a corresponding CI. I will be adding, what i mean are the most important airlines and most popular in FS. A quick video example of using a cost index to move costs from one year to another year. can you also provide, or can anyone provide cost indexes for various airlines/routes? I am trying to get some information from other 777 operators on what cost index you use. Not all airlines will be listed,at first. As a fuel saving measure, they now will adjust it from approx 17 to 70 to maintain schedule flight times. I know at least for 737s the CI on a majority of routes doesn't often go over 20. -If the price of gas goes up, the CIs often go down. Jump to content.  Similar to the Premiere Members example, the operator will dial the CI up to compensate and cruise at a higher speed. There really isn't a standard value for airlines in all cases. Our airline has recently emberked on a fuel saving intiative. Cost Index. A319/320/321 = CI 15 over FL100 and 0 under FL100 B744 = CI 50 TAM Linheas Areàs JJ/TAM: A319 = CI 19. What would be a typical cost index setting for a 737-400. Boeing or not going, September 6, 2013 in PMDG 777. In the end, though, you're right - it's used too often as the answer when it shouldn't be. This results to a cruise speed of around M.81 vs M.84. AVSIM Online - Simming's Premier Resource! I apologise in advance about asking a potentially simple question, but I'm going to nevertheless! Or do Boeings and Airbuses both use kg/min? On the 777 it translated to a change from 120 to 14. Many of us just type in 280 and it flies a much better profile. Recommended Posts. Climb at: Cost Index 0 Cruise at Cost Index 40 Boeing 777-200 Climb at: Cost Index 0 Cruise at Cost Index 100 Cost Index 0 (Sometimes used on East Coast USA to UK Flights) British Midland 40 Cathay B744 CI:80 China Airlines 85 (Nur B747) Condor Boeing 767-300ER: 30 Boeing 757: 18 EasyJet Airbus A319 Cost Index: 12 Airbus A320 Cost Index: 12 We reset this goal every new year for the following year's goal. Our airline has recently emberked on a fuel saving intiative. I use 999 because it's not my fuel! [color=#a9a9a9][size=1][size=4][img][/img][/size] Lj.

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