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L’administration Trump a tenté de blâmer la Chine pour la pandémie de SRAS-CoV-2. By Francis Lee for the Saker Blog. I guess it was until 1946. s r.o. Sinks refer to the capacity of the planet to absorb pollution of its soil, air, and water, and, most ominously, the capacity of its atmosphere to absorb carbon. “In the southern part of the Kabiba oil field in Deyrizor province, there are French cantons. That long promised but never voted system that could give back big shares of sovereignty to the population thanks to referendums that can dismiss unpopular government or ministers, cancel laws that are considered not good for the nation, or change details of the constitution. On 8 Thermidor (July 26) he gave a speech full of appeals and threats. the Earth has been raped, its an on-going rape. we know how we all came to be from the Black base. Il serait possible de discuter longuement des notions relatives de pays, peuples, États et finalement de nations. The EU Central Bank is in the hands of private bankers.Those who advocate multicultural societies know that they cannot work. http://fotoforensics.com/analysis.php?id=196f5541f1a931a27337e597ddbceb8b8cbe00b8.122539&show=ela. excellent as the Saker is, it is in my opinion a holding operation. The reality of change is what it is. Une chose que l’on peut dire de la conférence de presse commune des trois avocats de la campagne Trump, jeudi à midi, assurément ce n’était pas très au point. Protected by US troops, the French are able to provide their mobility in YPG / PKK protection. When the leaders become conscious of mass psychology and take it into their own hands, it ceases to exist in a certain sense. there must exist no place in the social formation where a minority can find sustenance at the expense of others that can grow in to universal domination and unequal society. The Rothschilds financed Napoleon for his 1812 invasion of Russia. The rising slave holder/merchant class, wanted to divert those profits back to themselves. “If you sow misery you harvest anger.” You must force it to run for its life. The RIC, the Référendum d’Initiative Citoyenne. They were angry about the almost 20 percent increase in the price of diesel since the start of the year, as well as the planned fuel tax hike President Emmanuel Macron had recently announced. It is quite possible that many legal and administrative structures in Syria derive from French ones, and hence provide a ready matrix for contemporary French advances into the universe of Syrian business, education, administration, social services, infrastructure, etc. Thus, the fascistic response by police and other security forces against the yellow jackets. Zoom-in and check out the wooden pole it is attacked to. The media took this opportunity to talk about a lack of dynamic in the movement, a decline in protestors due to the population starting to get tired about it. The wealth you are talking about was and is an illusion. They provoked a “revolution”, which stopped a counter attack. Food storage? Ce qui est nouveau, c’est que l’économie en soit venue à faire ouvertement la guerre aux humains ; non plus seulement aux possibilités de leur vie, mais à celles de leur survie. They focused on the complex feedback loops—the system dynamics—that play out when we tax the limits of the planet. Historians never explained how a duke found the money to fight a king. Does this remind us of anything happening in the World today? There are French artillery batteries and special forces inside the Kahar oilfield in the east of Mayadin district of Deir-ez-Zor. On the other hand, even if you own a house, try not to pay the taxes, insurance, etc. A typical if simplified system dynamic in the study went like this: “Population cannot grow without food, food production is increased by growth of capital, more capital requires more resources, discarded resources become pollution, pollution interferes with the growth of population and food.” The models showed that any system based on exponential economic and population growth crashed eventually. With noun/verb tables for the different cases and tenses links to audio pronunciation and … nothing! The global capitalist plantation had already reached its limits with the financial crash of 2008 and the great recession. So in the first round of 2002, with 20% of voters in the presidential election, Chirac’s party obtained 62% of the parliament, while Le Pen, with 17% of the voters was not represented. Pour obtenir l'autorisation de republier un contenu qui n'est pas d'origine Saker Francophone ou un contenu non autorisé autrement, veuillez consulter la source du contenu, Coronavirus : la compétition entre les vaccins sera impitoyable, sur Bill Gates et la coprophagie mondialiste, Le principal scientifique nucléaire iranien assassiné alors qu’Israël tente de provoquer la guerre, sur Le principal scientifique nucléaire iranien assassiné alors qu’Israël tente de provoquer la guerre, Un autre regard sur l’équipe de politique étrangère de Joe Biden. Ask yourself why all the leaders constantly shake hands and make hand signs that only masons know. It is not for nothing that The Times elected him Person of the Year. Interesting times ahead as the year draws to a close. The team separated those limits into two categories: sources and sinks. They are as indentured and feudalized as any serfs or economic credit slaves. The slogan reads ‘Urgent, purchase power, dignity for all’ [Regis Duvignau/Reuters]. there is nothing to fear. but by now we know the story, how it came to be, where are at in it and what the solution is. Robespierre was arrested and executed, as were many of his fellow Jacobins, thereby ending the Reign of Terror, which was succeeded by the Thermidorian Reaction. People are pissed, and they have been for a good long while. Who actually owns the Federal Reserve Central Banks? Mais quoi,  sommes-nous à ce point une nation de crétins lobotomisés que notre principal critère pour tout acte public d’un mélodrame national aigu soit la qualité de la présentation ? all work can be and must be so resolved. s r.o. The group reportedly chanted “journalists come down”, “fake news” and “Macron out”. In fact the foreground figures all seem to lack a depth, i.e. After that we have the French “revolution”, provoked by French freemasons. Finally, the question which needs to be asked is who is controlling the yellow vests. All the citizens, being equal in its eyes, are equally admissible to all public dignities, places, and employments, according to their capacity and without distinction other than that of their virtues and of their talents. Plus, only males with property could vote. Because the labor competition gives them two options: Since then, France is well known for being a country of strikes and demonstrations, often unfruitful. Rothschild Bank of Berlin that is not how it works. This fact is left out of the history books. We humans live on the planet as an integral energy of nature. Ah, we need to mention the Jacobin role in French revolution: Then Macron gave a speech that could be compared to one of a drama student imitating compassion. 40 % of physicians are immigrants educated in India, Egypt with very cheap education, but here compete U.S. educated doctors and works for a fraction of the salary. By June 1794 France had become fully weary of the mounting executions (1,300 in June alone), and Paris was alive with rumors of plots against Robespierre, member of the ruling Committee of Public Safety and leading advocate of the Terror. Two hundred years ago the yellow vests’ ancestors went as far as beheading their own king. that is the Saker: a collection of high human capability and intellect comprehensively aware of reality what it would take, the solution and yet never ever go that far, even to discus the end game which looms, drawing ever closer. I told you alI am Black so you can come to feel free to talk to me or at me or pan the shit out of what I say..like all this I have ranted on about on this thread.

Daniel Bilalian 2020, Vendeuse De Rue - 7 Lettres, Licence Aes Heures Par Semaine, Prince Legendaire Troyen Mot Croise, Bac Pro « Maintenance Des Systèmes De Production Connecté », Chaine D'information D'une éolienne,

décembre 2, 2020

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